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What is App indexing for Android?

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What is App indexing for Android?

App Indexing is a way for Google to look inside your apps for relevant search results. Take this simple example: the other day my son, who is five, asked me about blue whales. As any good parent, I immediately asked Google, the source of all knowledge for five-year old questions.


App indexing is a system that allows mobile users to find your app in Google search results in the form of an install button. When we (users) click on that result, system redirects us to Google Play or App Store if we do not have the app installed or to the iOS/Android app if we already have installed the app in our mobile device.

App indexing for Android

Getting new users
To easily see these two advantages, let’s consider an apartment complex in a college town, like Lafayette, Indiana, home of Purdue University. With each new school year, comes thousands of searches for great apartment options. As most of the users are college students, the vast majority will ask Google from their phones. Apartment managers work hard to make their apartments come up high in Google searches for “Apartments near Purdue.” If you have an indexed mobile app, then when your site comes up on Google search it will give the user the chance to install the app.

This is a great opportunity to get more users for your app, especially a free app like an apartment listing app for apartments around Purdue University in this example.

Retaining old users
Getting new users is part of the power of app indexing, but the real advantage comes from the increased exposure once an app is installed. Take our example of Purdue University again. Last year, a student downloaded your app, but that was a year ago and he or she forgot it even existed. Students have hundreds of apps on their phones, so it is difficult to remember all of them. As this student prepares to move to a different apartment for  the next school year, he or she again search “Apartments near Purdue.” Now, because your app is indexed and it is installed on his or her mobile device, it is the first search result returned. The app, which he or she did not even remember was on their phone, opens and can be used to find another apartment.

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