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What is AI? Artificial Intelligence Overview

What is AI? Artificial Intelligence Overview

These are computer systems with an ability to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translation between languages.


The concept of AI was developed with an aim to convert the way the human mind works in terms of machine language. As a result of this, the programmable digital computer was invented back in the 2nd quarter of 20th century. Later on, a group of scientists was inspired by this idea and they went on to explore this concept further with an aim to build an electronic brain. We encourage readers to learn more about History of artificial intelligence and 5 Pioneers in the Field of Artificial Intelligence.


1. Users can play their favorite music or switch to favorite radio channel on voice command.

2. Regular use home appliances like geysers, AC’s can be made energy efficient and more responsive to its users without the need for any physical presence.

3. Jobs that pose a critical threat to human life but require human intelligence to complete it can be replaced with AI robots like predicting possible future eruptions of lava require scientists to set up camps for a substantial amount of time near them. As a result, unprecedented eruptions cause a substantial amount of loss to both life and money.

4. Google has launched self-driving cars that use a combination of Google maps, AI programming and real-time road traffic data to calculate the best possible route to reach the destination in the least possible time.


1. Siri: Virtual Assistant: Apple Devices like iPhone, iPad & Macbook. It responds to voice queries with a natural language UI (User Interface).

2. Alexa: AI Device: Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Spot & Echo Show. Echo and other Alexa devices provide its user with the ability to connect to Alexa to play music, control your smart home, get information like news and weather all with your voice and an Internet connection.

3. Google Waymo AI-based taxis.


Economic impacts of AI are both positive and negative:


1. Earlier, a lot of jobs that posed a critical threat to human life were done based on their importance but AI has made it possible for humanity/scientists working in different domains to explore their imagination. Like space exploration has been a limited exercise till date due to unavailability of AI technology. Now space missions are being sent beyond our milky way galaxy and they achieve their motive with success, as they have their own brain i.e. AI.

2. The world is facing an ever-increasing natural resources crisis, so the use of AI is being explored to tackle this problem, by using AI missions to explore the possibility of setting up human colonies beyond earth.

3. Time is money so AI-driven taxis provide substantial savings on both time and money.


1. Due to the life-threatening jobs being handed over to AI devices, the on-ground jobs of scientists and the supplementary jobs like load carrying personnel that was generated as a result of the camping exercise all have suffered a major setback in revenue and job generation.

2. AI-driven taxis are already facing protests from human taxi drivers in the US as the former are less capital intensive due to which their fares are far more competitive than the latter.


Future of AI is definitely bright as it makes humanity think beyond and thereby gives wings to its imagination. With the earth failing to meet daily needs of the ever-increasing world population. The possibility of life is being explored outside earth and AI programs are being used in space exploration missions.

AI has the potential of being a great help in dealing with anti-social elements who use social media for drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

Use of AI is being explored in medical applications to predict possible risks to human health depending on the daily schedule of a person.


It is already becoming a potential risk to job generation programs, as the world is facing a negative job growth rate.

AI-based drones could pose a potential threat to human life as these drones operate on computer programming and any hack or mistake while entering the details about the threats to be decimated could be a strong reason behind the loss of innocent lives.

Space missions require real-time changes in their navigation path during travel as space can be sometimes a potentially dangerous place to travel especially during unpredicted meteor showers so AI cannot be always expected to deal with such issues without posing a threat to human life. So it is certain that human intelligence cannot be replaced with AI anywhere in the future.


AI is basically a program with the ability to learn on its own without the need for any regular updates and responds to the current situation in accordance with the already stored responses in its database.

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