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Tips for Android users using Kotlin to reach iOS app developers

Tips for Android users using Kotlin to reach iOS app developers

Kotlin is a new language used for Android development over coming some of the Java constraints. It not only would have helped the core developers to create a flexible backend for the huge applications but also the iOS app developers to shift their application over an android platform without putting their logic for an app in some already structured framework.

The reason iOS developers can go ahead and play with a language designed for Android platform is the similarity in syntax and language features. Even though developers find it convenient to stick to the native programming they still wish if they could reach their app to all the users which is why Let us compile few tips on how they can do so using kotlin without any hassle.

* Choose the right tools to work

Android Studio totally supports kotlin so getting familiar with the android studio would be a great idea to start with and the creation of Android emulator would be easy.

* Use Gradle to declare project configuration

Now the iOS developers may be used to generating Xcode for their projects but the Android is best suitable with Gradle so a quick scan over the build automation tool would be a smart thing to do before going for android mobile app development.

* Select a comfortable IDE

It is better to choose the editor you are comfortable with because adopting a new one might irritate you and might slow the development speed.

* Understand the similarity and differences between Swift and Kotlin

If we look at the similarities between swift and kotlin then the developers have an advantage for that because the basics, classes, and functions all have a very similar way of expressions and the calling of the function is also somewhat same in both the languages. Big projects demand security and swift being an iOS language is trusted the most well kotlin is as secure to code with as swift because both the languages have the null() safety which can be easily interpreted by the developers.

* Examine extension imports and collision for the project

Addressing a large audience might be a hassle while signing up for an app, many may have the similar name to log in. Now extension imports and avoiding collision methods vary in different languages.

Kotlin supports the extension functions and no doubt is backed by the successful Android Studio so stay calm iOS developers and trust the suit.

* Suitable network and database options

Since kotlin is replacing Java that means it is suitable for database development as well so going for a totally kotlin based app and then communicating to the same language in the backend is the lot easier than providing an interpreter.

* Break the complexity of application Lifecycle

The complexity of the lifecycle of the application can be a thinking point for iOS developer because for iOS app development the Xcode itself creates the main function for you but when it comes to Android platform the app lifecycle is a little complex and needs extra attention.

* Make a hybrid UI layout for your app

Before the UI was totally XML that made a shift from iOS to Android for developers uneasy but now kotlin can be used to design user interactions and the look of the app can be a hybrid of both the platforms.


Java is the first love of any developer and with kotlin trying to replace Java definitely calls for a debate among developers and we don’t know which one wins but both are equally capable of building beautiful apps platform. The need of the hour now is to maximize the users divided by two platforms iOS and Android, the only way is to let the other half of the users experience the benefits of the application to the iOS developers can be android app developers too by adopting kotlin which draws similarities to the swift.

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