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Features and Benefits of On-demand Mobile Apps for Healthcare Providers.

Features and Benefits of On-demand Mobile Apps for Healthcare Providers.

With the growth in healthcare industry, the need for healthcare apps is growing at a fast rate. A research report that came out recently, estimates that the delivery of medical solutions via mobile apps will grow at a rate of 23% in coming 4-5 years. This proves that the future of healthcare mobile app industry is bright.

Globally, a physician and their patients who wish to reach each other via an app have lots of doctor-on-demand healthcare apps at their disposal. Healthcare app software solution providers have a bright future. A basic healthcare app has all the important features to help doctor assist their patients. More advanced features could add to the final delivery costing of the app. Some of the much needed features and benefits present in a healthcare app are being discussed below which will also prove their significance.

Solutions provided by Health Care Apps

Mobile tech adds advancements & muscle to the healthcare industry. A healthcare app provides below solutions:

  1. Hospital Management App

It helps in fixing errors caused by mismanagement, better drug management, real time tracking of medical services in the setup, adding speed to the workflow process by making it efficient & helps in handling catalog and cost and time reduction.

  1. b) Benefits of Chronic Care Management Mobile App

Patients can reach their healthcare provider anytime via mobile app, doctors can provide medical advice and precautions plans, monitor their registered patients and reach them asap whenever required, patient registration process becomes easy and HIPAA-compliant.

Some of the features of Healthcare App

  1. Immediate medical service

Using these apps health experts can provide instant treatment to their patients. Apps are usable and accessible anytime of the day from anywhere so as to help patients with advanced healthcare tools, in order to provide better treatment without adding to their workload.

  1. b) Appointment scheduling

Some healthcare apps have achieved a high growth rate. They help you schedule doctor appointments from your mobile with internet access. Doctors also benefit from this, as they can give appointment after cross checking with their calendar. In the event of any complexity, appointments can be rescheduled.

  1. c) Brand Value addition

Healthcare apps add value to a brand. The customer base expansion becomes much easy. Apps have a provision of providing contact details, user info, email and other details without any delay.

  1. d) Transparency

Healthcare Apps enable real time communication between doctors and patients. Patients need not wait in waiting for lounge in case of emergency, they can check with the nearest medical facility where doctor is available at the time and get the treatment done without delay.


Healthcare apps are essentially changing the way the healthcare industry used to work. Both doctors and patients benefit from this. Its usage would increase with the passage of time.

Role of AafiLogic Infotech

AafiLogic Infotech mobile app development company in India is also developing one of its own version of Healthcare apps for both Android and iOS platform. It will contain the basic features of normally available apps and will have a provision to add more features after it goes live, as and when needed.

AafiLogic Infotech App Development Company India is in continuous touch with the patients and doctors to bring it online in the shortest possible time.

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