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Differences and Comparisons: Android Vs iOS

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Differences and Comparisons: Android Vs iOS

Google’s Android and Apple’s are known to be the operating structures mainly applied in the mobile technology, like the smartphones and tablets. Android is used on smartphone platform all over the world, whereas iOS is utilized only for Apple devices such as the iPhone. You should select the perfect device either for Android or iOS. We have discussed few specific differences and comparisons between Android Vs iOS.

Differences between Android and iOS :

User Experience: iOS is rated superior to Android on the basis of user friction and cognitive load. iOS 7 rates itself as 73.25% and iOS 6 as 70% and Android (Samsung) is rated Available:

Apps Available: The app store for Android covers Google Play- 1,000,000+ apps. The other app stores such as Amazon and Getjar to share the Android apps. Whereas the app store for iOS includes Apple app store- 1,000,000+ apps.

Software Upgrades: Though Google keeps updating Android often, few users fail to obtain the updates on their smartphones or might have to buy phones with out-of-date software. Whereas iOS upgrades are accessible to every iOS device.

Call Features: The phone app of iOS has the capability to answer a phone-call by means of the canned text message, or you can set a callback reminder too. It even includes a Do Not Disturb mode. Android permits the customers to forward one among a number of self-created texts in the form of auto-replies while rejecting a call.

Messaging and Video Chats: The non-Apple users are not afforded by iOS to chat in a native method. Thus, users can send messages to Apple users applying message or by using apps from Microsoft for Skype and Google for GTalk. Google Hangouts on Android can be applied for video chats (over 3G or Wi-Fi). iOS exercises Face-time that can set video calls to chat over 3G or Wi-Fi.

Erecting and Publishing Apps: iOS apps are programmed by applying Objective-C. The iOS SDK is accessible for the Mac platform. But Android apps are programmed by applying C, C++, and Java. The Android SDK is accessible for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Comparisons between Android and iOS :

Interface: Both iOS and Android make use of touch interfaces including tapping, swiping and pinch-and-zoom, and both of them have home-screens.

Maps: The iOS and Android both have the opportunities to hold the applications such as Waze, Google Maps, and Bing. Both released its map apps one after another in the matter of design, features and simple use.

Well, the above differences and comparisons will certainly help you to make the right decision in selecting smartphones or tablets with Android or iOS.


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